Monday, May 20, 2013

Nearly two years later...

I cannot believe it's been two years, as I am still dealing with issues with my hip, but I have come such a long way since 2011! I apologize for not writing anything during the time after my surgery, I didn't realize how tired I would be on the pain killers and with lack of sleep from being so uncomfortable. About a year and 3 month after my PAO, and seeing two different physical therapist later, I was still having pain in my groin area. It was not nearly as severe as before surgery, but pretty bad. I was also having a lot of snapping of the hip. After seeing Dr. Schrader and having another MRI. Dr. Schrader thought that I may have cysts in my groin again (as they found a few during the PAO). He also thought that I could benefit from lengthening my illiosoas muscle to reduce the snapping. So in September of 2012 I went in for surgery #2! It was an outpatient procedure, but still took nearly 5 hours! After surgery Dr.S told me that I did not have cysts, but I had a bone fragment left behind from the previous surgery!! No wonder I was hurting!! I was minimal weight bearing and on crutches for 8 weeks. The longest 8 weeks of my life!! My mom had to drive me to work every morning while on the way to work herself. I felt helpless. Even more than I did for my PAO, not sure why. Now its May of 2013, and nearly 2 years since my PAO, and I have NO HIP/GROIN PAIN! That is the most fabulous part. Unfortunately, I still have the snapping and its even worse than ever, but it really cause me no pain, except for in the moment it snaps. The reason I am on here today, however, is to ask all of you who have had a PAO, what your life was like afterward. I, now, seem to have a lot of knee pain, which I can only assume is a result of repositioning the hip? I am going to see Dr.S in June, but I really don't want another surgery. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what did you do to fix it. For the first time a few weeks ago, my knee was showing the physical symptoms of something being wrong with it as well, as it swelled up for 4 days! It was sore to bend and felt super "full," mainly near the fat pad area of the knee. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

I also want to thank Mark from Johns Creek Physical Therapy, as he is the best Physical Therapist I have ever had!!! If you live in Georgia, and are in the Jonhs Creek/Duluth/Alpharetta/Suwanee area, I definitely recommend seeing him!! He is like family.


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